Here’s to Hope!



I am giddy this morning. I got an email back from a counselor who deals with many challenges that I face everyday. Depression, anxiety, panic disorder, grief from death, eating disorders, and more. That’s basically me gift wrapped in a box with a bow on top saying, “here, fix ME please!” I have been to rehabs, spoken to doctors, been pinched, poked, but never have i been given the opportunity to go deeper than just my eating before. Let’s get to the root of why this is happening. I’m being hopeful, this could be a bust like past counselors but my gut is telling me otherwise. Maybe this is my golden ticket to a faster recovery, or even just getting healthy. All these things I struggle with like depression, the fact that I’m scared to drive, my ocd with the number eight,  where I park at Walmart, thinking too much and causing a panic attack when it could have been super avoided. Cmon Morgan, the customers in the mall aren’t dragging their feet specifically to piss only you off and cause hyperventilation…  They do need to walk faster though. Maybe all of these disabilities play an effect I never put together. My brain is a beautiful disaster but I’ve grown to love it and know it’s ticks and tricks. I am hopeful I get to share some of my brain with this nice lady. 🙂 Very excited to get a new, professional, outsiders perspective of what’s going on inside my noggin. 

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