Image result for mermaidI imagined that my post about religion would raise some controversy, but to my surprise I got more positive feedback just from being my brutally honest self, than anything. With that being said, I recently received a comment on a completely different post of mine from a blog centered around, yes, God. I was told we do not gain access into the eternal life based on how we look, but based on our standing with God. Thank you, so, I’m going to hell? Where am I going? Why do I care so much about this topic? Maybe I should just delete the comment and move on, but if they’re able to express their beliefs to me, then I’m going to do the exact same. I was instructed with seven steps to invite the Lord and Savior into my life and to prepare for my eternal afterlife. Once again, I’m not trying to offend or discriminate anyone who lives by the Bible. Did this comment knock any sense into me though? Not really, because I’m not self-centered, I’m mentally ill. I don’t want to look a certain way to please society’s standards. I don’t want this life-style. Am I still not going to be accepted into this “afterlife?” I’ve told you that I’m spiritual and my after-life may not look like yours. In fact, it’s apples and oranges. You probably don’t believe in mermaids. I’m not going to try to make you or shame you for not believing either. Nobody can fix me, but me.  To my commenter, I appreciate your concern, but I’ve spent my whole life trying to be accepted, why add more doubt and uncertainty to my already difficult road?