I AM an Alien…

With this blog I am obviously not hiding the fact that I have an eating disorder. I’m exposing myself to you all for a reason, but last night was the first time I addressed my disorder to a stranger without feeling ashamed. Now, I don’t go around introducing myself “Hi, I’m Morgan, I have an eating disorder,” I usually tell people I’m an alien, but in this case I responded to the “you’re so thin!” with “yeah, I have an eating disorder.” I felt empowered. In my past and in most cases you hide why you’re so “thin.” You may think, why share that personal information? Well, why not? If you struggle with anything; allergies, deformities, anxiety, a really bad haircut, it’s apart of you. This is apart of me, it doesn’t define me, but it’s reality. I’m still Morgan, the free-spirited, loving, friendly, weird person I will always be. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me, I’m too stubborn for that. If you’re going to point out how I look, I will gladly tell you why. Also, why should we be afraid to tell the truth? Society has made it that way. People assume we want attention. Okay? Let me practice my terrible stand up comedy for you. I think I’m hilarious and so do my cats. I’m not choosing this lifestyle and not making light of it either. After ten years I am finally just okay with who I am and found my voice. Understand that for the past ten years I’ve fought this. I’ve come close to death more than once. Day by day I’m surviving, but aren’t we all? 

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