Meetings, where are you? I understand this isn’t an issue many people bring up like alcoholism or narcotics, but I still have an issue and am seeking advice, support, and everything else anyone struggling is seeking. I have however found a group online that meets everyday but I have yet to catch a meeting. I’m hoping that the fact it is not set in one location,  but all over that I will actually get to speak and listen to real stories. With that being said, I hope anyone struggling with a disorder like mine or anything at all, don’t be afraid to reach out. Mental health is very overlooked, but just like any other organ in our body we take care of, our brain is most important. We need to take care of it too. Let’s get together!I have high hopes for Thursday, but I’m obviously not getting my hopes up. I’m also not giving up.roads

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.