Meetings Anonymous

Alright, let’s get straight to the point with this post. There are groups such as alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous, but what about eating disorder anonymous? Obviously I’m not being so hush hush about my disorder, but I am just one person. What about the other thousands struggling? Well, ladies and gents there IS a group for people like us! EDA. I have decided to attend these meetings, even though large groups of people freak me out. I have encouraging friends and family I can talk to always, but what about speaking to a group of people who can really understand? People who know what it truly feels like. Can I get a sponsor to help me when I decide to skip that meal? Will I hear stories of triumph? Will I be the only person there? I sure hope not, oh no. I have no idea what I will be walking into honestly. The only thing that I am certain of, is that I will be in a room with people just like me. I’m excited but at the same time picture myself pulling into the meeting and running away. I won’t. This is a very new and different approach to beating this disorder, but I’m proud of myself for even thinking about giving it a shot. Here’s a cheers to recovery and having the courage to try something new. EDA here I come!

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