It’s hard to believe that exactly a year ago I was 107 pounds, entering another rehab. I can remember my doctor telling me your body is shutting down and he shouldn’t even be allowing me to walk down the hall to my room because my body’s working extremely hard just to keep me going and I have nothing to give. Basically, I was dying and he was telling me this is in the nicest way possible. A year later, I’m at the gym working out, not worrying about passing out from hunger. I wasn’t on the treadmill for an hour, but I was lifting weights trying to gain muscle. I was working out to better my body finally. Once I left I sat in my car and shed a few tears. I gave my body a hug and apologized for everything I have put it through. I also thanked my body for fighting for me and keeping me alive. We have a long way to go I said but I know we can do it together. Thank you body! I’m celebrating my 30th birthday on April 1st with a healthier mind, soul, and body. It won’t just be me turning 30, but a brand new chapter to a healthier, happier me! Woo hoo body, we made it to 30!!