The majority of my posts have been written about the progress I have been making, but with progress comes setbacks and I had a major setback this past Friday. Bulimarexia is both anorexia and bulimia and I have come a very long way from the bulimia part of this disorder, but with this blog comes truth and the truth is, I relapsed. There is no one or anything to blame but myself. I was in a moment of unexplained sadness and that voice I’ve come to control took over. The difference in this setback though was the action I took immediately after and that was to tell Cody about it. I knew that if I didn’t reach out to someone I could easily fall back into my bad habits. I did beat myself up afterwords for becoming weak and allowing this to happen again, but I also told myself good job. Good job for realizing, good job for reaching out, good job for taking back control. This blog also allows for me to not only reach out to one person, but to anyone who reads it. Thank you! ❤ellachristmas1

One thought on “Hiccups.

  1. Morgan I’ve been following your journey through this disease you have accrued. First I have to say I’m sorry if I had ever caused you heart ache … You are a beautiful person inside and out and I’m prevlegde to have known you. You obviously grew into a very knowledgeable women in this journey. I too have suffered in my 20’s and the present the same disease. It can take control and make you who you don’t want to be. I would go to extremes to visit the bathroom after every freaking meal just so I could feel better about myself. Well it caught up to me one day when I had heart problems from doing this. I was presently forced to change my ways or suffer the consequences. I was not anorixeous I was just a person who love to splurge and purge. Not good.. I used it to get through my everyday problems to make me feel better… But it didn’t make me feel better… it made me weak. Miserable as I was I finally said enough and had a procedure done where I couldn’t make myself throw up anymore. Hypnosis!! Sad but true. It helps. Even tho i miss having control of what goes in my body. My heart goes out to you, keep positive and live life to the fullest. You are beautiful darling!!✌💓


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