12-12-2017 Dating With an Eating Disorder.

Okay, So I am single and have been for a little over a year now. My previous relationship was four long years so of course my ex experienced a lot of what I go through. I would hide purging from him and sometimes I would be truthful and tell him. There were times he would be sad but also mad. I did gain some weight during the relationship, which I feel most people do, but the disorder was always there. Now I am venturing into the online dating world for the first time and I can’t imagine I would get many, if any “swipes to the right “, if I put bulimarexia in my bio. I do have dating apps on my phone and with a busy schedule and knowing everyone in my town it’s been nice meeting different, interesting, Image result for holding hands sometimes creepy people, outside of my bubble. Yes, I am open about my life and disorder with the blog, but it is not something you want to expose to a potential significant other, at least not right out the gate, right? I advertise my blog on all my social media accounts.. Last night was the first time I have ever gone back through my Snapchat story and deleted something because I was worried about the possible negative reaction. I wasn’t ready for one person, whom I have not even met, to swipe up and be immediately directed to my blog. Does this make me a hypocrite? I’m exposing myself for a good reason. If the relationship progressed they would find out eventually anyway. When I made my blog public the thought of it affecting my dating life never crossed my mind. “Stop cock blocking Bulimarexia!” – Sorry if I offend anyone with my sense of humor, but laughing is the best medicine for me! 

2 thoughts on “12-12-2017 Dating With an Eating Disorder.

  1. I think that it’s natural to worry like you described but I agree that they’ll learn anyways. Also, if it’s on your pages and public then you’re not really hiding it. Don’t hide it! 😘


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