12-4-2017 Numbers on the Scale.


I went back and forth in my head last night on whether or not I was ready to share this picture, but thought it would be wise to visually show you first how much this disease really affected me. During this time I was extremely scared for my life and took the picture on the left and sent it to my younger brother reaching out for advice. I was living on ensures (the chocolate protein drink) that my mom would stock in my fridge. I was weak, tired, nothing fit me anymore. I knew people were staring at me and was afraid to leave my apartment. I am 5’10 and weighed 107 pounds in that picture. My Dr. told me I shouldn’t even be getting out of bed, as my body was shutting down and had nothing as far as energy to even be walking. The picture on the right is about 3 months later after a week in rehab, which I will talk about in another post, weighing just 111 pounds, still very thin, but progress none the less. I still worry about the number that shows up on the scale, but I can say, I know I can’t let the number 107 show its face again.

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